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Simple: Open a Trading Account, Choose the Right Strategy for You and to Replicate

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A Professional and Automated Trading Service

Signal Start is a system created by the industry leader MyFxBook that verifies, certifies and helps to promote the strategies of millions of traders in the market. And to make it possible to replicate the best trading strategies in a simple, fast and fully automated way, it created an innovative service!

How does it work?

It is quick and easy, it can be explained in 3 simple steps:

Step #1

Open a trading account with one of our Broker Partners (TopFX, Key To Markets or Klimex) by clicking here.

By opening an account with one of our Broker Partners you can also use all Ok Forex Markets services for free: Ok Forex Power Indicator, Ok Forex Trailing System, Auto Trading (EA Forex Pip Shooter), Ok Forex Power Signals ...

Step #2

Register on Signal Start (the registration price is $25/month with a $1 trial for one week) by clicking here.

A real trading account is required to replicate the trades.

Step #3

Choose the best strategy based on your needs and start replicate.

You will only have to set some parameters such as the level of risk and something else.

You don't need to install any software on your computer, to have a VPS or other complicated softwares, indicators or expert advisors ...

To control or manage the trades you can download the MetaTrader APP on your Android or IOS smartphone (iPhone and iPad). When you open your trading account (step # 1) you will receive the data to log in to the MetaTrader APP for smartphones: server, account number and password.

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The Best Strategies to Reply

The Best Strategies selected by Ok Forex Markets

My Signal Forex 29,591.64% 2,865 7.82% 275 $35 3A 6m Mar 11, 2021
Stenvall Invest 220.34% 1,038.1 8.84% 383 $500 2A 2m Ott 8, 2020
NightWalker EA 27.89% 3,299.8 9.51% 1659 $40 3A 5m Mar 27, 2019
StartTrading 1,158.65% 25,325.9 9.28% 613 $59 4A 7m Dic 3, 2019
1000019669 109.54% 24,736.3 7.75% 3508 $30 3A 10m Mar 31, 2020
Long term investment 25.93% 16,879.1 8.24% 2823 $35 1A 4m Mar 14, 2020
NY Close Scalper 75.64% 2,046.4 6.97% 1851 $50 3A 3m Gen 18, 2019
SIPP 39.98% 34,985 4.55% 2228 $100 4A 6m Ott 18, 2020
LoginPeace Trend 64.69% 2,352 9.28% 1087 $50 1A 9m Set 10, 2020
8 Sw 22.42% 3,236.1 8.52% 632 $30 2A 4m Set 16, 2020
Quick and easy setup

Set up your account and start replicate trades in less than 5 minutes.

Fully automated

Your account is always connected 24/5.

Superior technology

The Signal Start Service is powered by robust proprietary technology.

Get started right away

Start Replicate the Best Trading Strategies

Step #1
Open a trading account
Step #2
Register on Signal Start
Step #3

Replicate the best trading strategies and start earning.

Control and manage operations directly from the MetaTrader APP for your Android or IOS smartphone (iPhone and iPad) that you find directly in the app store.

You don't need trading software, VPS, PC, Expert Advisor, Indicators ...

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