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Why a free eBook about Forex?

It is indispensable to start doing Forex Trading (however this applies to any kind of trading) without having sufficient knowledge. Actually, you could, but at your own risk: in this case the likelihood to lose your capital in a very short time would be very high.

Therefore, you have to study before starting your adventure in the markets. Where? You could study on the manuals, attend a video course or watch a webinar. These tools, however, could be very time consuming. Moreover, they could be dispersive. The eBook tutorials, instead, are quick and cover the subject in the most complete way possible.

Why THIS eBook about Forex Trading?

Simple: because it is complete, easy to read and completely free.

This is what you will find in this ebook.

  • 1
    An overview on the Forex and more.
    Downloading the ebook you will be able to learn the dynamics of the Forex and the CFD (very profitable tools). You will acquire specific information on the most important international exchanges and the elements that impact and influence the markets.
  • 2
    Advice to choose the broker.
    Choosing a good broker means setting the grounds for a satisfactory and profitable trading experience. The ebook will show you the features that distinguish an excellent broker from a mediocre one, with explicit reference to the offer of tools, support and economic conditions.
  • 3
    Specific indications on how to conduct a good technical analysis.
    The technical analysis is the discipline that, through a technical and statistical study of the market, offers you reliable information about the future of the assets. To put it simply, you cannot generate profit without knowing the technical analysis.
  • 4
    Complete notions on the fundamental analysis.
    The fundamental analysis is the discipline that completes and enhances the technical analysis. It allows the trader to know the future of the assets through the study of the economic environment.
  • 5
    Focus on more profitable assets.
    The ebook indicates the main assets, in other words the most traded exchange pairs able to generate the best profits, as well as the dynamics that influence them.

The purpose of the guide is to provide a stepping stone to the novice trader. The language is accessible to everyone, the approach is very light. Appropriate room is allocated to the theoretical elements but there are also pieces of advice regarding the emotional approach to follow and the state of mind to adopt.

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