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The advantages of a real ECN account

By opening an account with our broker partner you will have a real ECN account. It operates in a True ECN environment with low spreads, no riquotation, no price manipulation and no restrictions. The ECN account is ideal for the traders, scalpers and robots who operate with great volumes.

  • Forex, Metals, Indices and Stocks

  • ECN Spreads

  • Segregated funds

  • Instant execution

  • Instant withdrawals

  • 5-star customer support

  • NO Dealing Desk

  • Regulated Broker

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Negotiate with more than 40 products, take advantage of leverage options up to 500:1, access the account from all desktop and mobilke devices, negotiate great volumes with scalping strategies and robots, with a segregated account, ECN spreads and a regulated broker by FCA (UK).

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MT4: the Flawless Trading Platform

By opening a trading account with Key To Markets, you will be able to operate on the multi awarded platform MetaTrader 4. The most popular trading platform in the world for the forex traders thanks to its ease of use, the environment rich of functions and the possibility to do automatic trading.

  • Windows
  • MacOS X
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Simple graphics
  • Numerous analysis tools
  • Customisable with indicators
  • Programmable with mql4 language
  • Useful for back tests
  • Several time-frames
  • Linear, candle or bar graphs
  • Customisable colours and background
  • Real time quotations
  • Expert Advisor for automatic trading

Invest in PAMM and generate a passive profit on the market

A PAMM account, acronym of Percentage Allocation Management Module, is a piece of software which allows you to gather funds and invest them under the management of a trader. Investing in the PAMM of Ok Forex Markets allows you to differentiate the strategies and replicate the profitable performances.

What are the advantages of investing in a PAMM account?

Are you a less experienced trader who wishes to replicate the performance of a professional?

Are you an experienced trader who wants to differentiate your own strategies?

The investor PAMM account is the answer to all the previous questions.

  • Replicate the performance of Ok Forex Markets.
  • There is no need to rent a VPS (Saving 35€ per month)
  • Create a portfolio of strategies distributing the funds with the PAMM of Ok Forex Markets and your MT4 trading account.

The procedure to invest in the PAMM account of Ok Forex Markets is very simple, it is sufficient to access the page PAMM Stocks and click the green button INVEST.

Features of the PAMM account

An investor account separate from your own MetaTrader 4 account.
This way you can separate your strategies from the PAMM.

The investor account can be easily reached through a comfortable web interface available both for PC and mobile browsers.

The investor receives daily mails with the summary of the profits/losses of the day and the complete period for each PAMM subscribed.

If the investor does not wish to operate with personal strategies, there is no need to download the Metatrader 4 nor other programmes.

Reports with real time statistics regarding the system employed: employed leverage, volatility of the profits, average geometric return, sharpe ration and many more.

Invest in the PAMM of Ok Forex Markets
Invest Now in the PAMM of Ok Forex Markets

A free Auto Trading system

Open a trading account, deposit at least 500 euros and request our Auto Trading system. A Forex Robot for the MT4 which operates automatically, combines several styles of trading to reduce the risk and generate an annual profit. All this totally automatically!

As a gift Forex Pip Shooter!

The aim of Forex Pip Shooter is to combine several styles of trading to reduce the risk and generate an annual profit. It operates with the following currencies: AUD, CAD, CHF, EUR, GBP, JPY, NZD, USD. Their combinations generate 28 currency pairs.

Working on the resistance and support levels of these currency exchanges, thanks to breakouts, inversions e correlations, the lowest possible spread is necessary since the levels of the entry price are very accurate and a high spread could miss them or generate lower profits for every single operation.

Forex Pip Shooter is completely automatic, programmed to conduct a very advanced analysis by itself, exploiting the innovative Pip Shooter technology and available for 1 live (real) account or 1 demo account. For more information click here.

Special: Forex VPS & MT4 Tools

Opening a trading account on Key To Markets you are entitled to a 30% discount on the fee of a Forex VPS with our partner leader of the sector which provides quality technology and security. Moreover, you will have the possibility to develop Expert Advisor for MT4 at a discounted price.

Forex VPS

Opening a trading account, without considering the number of traded lots and/or the volume, you are entitled to a 30% discount on the monthly fee of a Forex VPS with our partner.

  • Caratteristiche Forex VPS:
  • 3 vCore
  • 2 GB Ram
  • 30 GB HD o SSD
  • Windows Server 2012 r2
  • Dedicated IP
  • Remote Desktop Access
  • Web Control Panel
  • MetaTrader 4 Support
  • MetaTrader 4
  • Any EA
  • Support in English

With Ok Forex Markets I will pay the Forex VPS only:

29.99 € / month
- 30%
19.99 € / month

Development MT4 Tools

Opening a trading account you can request the development of tools for MT4 at a discounted price such as:

Indicators. The indicators are purely visual objects for manual trading. They attach to the current graph or in a separate window..

Expert Advisor (EA). The Experts Advisors (EA) are programmes which allow the Metatrader to enter the market in autonomy. They attach to the current graph but they can be opened also on more than one graph at the same time. Your strategy can be automatised, and after a thorough analysis you will be able to drastically reduce your time in front of the screen.

Script. The Scripts are programmes which allow the MT4 to enter the market in autonomy. Differently from the EAs, they execute the commands of One Shot, therefore only once. They attach to the current graph. They are used to drastically speed up your operations in the market, as a necessity during the macro data or adding very quickly Stop and Target to the existing operations.

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